You don’t know what you don’t know!

In this article the author talks about having both a 401(k) through your employer and an IRA. I agree that both have their advantages and their disadvantages but you should be taking advantage of both. Maximize your employer’s match in your 401k and then take advantage of the compounding interest in an IRA as well. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket while saving 10-20% of your income to retire the way you want


4 Common mistakes that families make that are simple to fix, but costly if ignored!


How do I know how much life insurance I need? What type of life insurance should I own? If I have a policy at work, do I need to own my own policy? These are some of the most common questions I get. I am happy to help you find out the answers to all these questions. I use a tool called a needs analysis. We will take your specific situation and come up with recommendations that will fit your specific needs. There is no guess work. We will match you with a low cost, high coverage term policy that will cover you until you no loner have a need for coverage. Our insurance is rated at A+ through A.M Best and rated as Best In State by Forbes!


September is Life Insurance Awareness month. I would encourage each of you to have the “hard” conversation with those you love and care about. I know many of you on this post are already existing clients, but you interface with thousands of others who are not. So you may ask, is this so Dustin can get more clients? Yes/No it depends. Why? At the end of the day I just want families protected. If you could go with me when I deliver a death claim to a widow you would know its not about me its the families. I don’t care where they get it from just as long as they have it. Where my forte is providing low cost and high coverage policies and freeing up money for their new life insurance from their tax, debt, and existing insurance costs to cover it. Get on and go through the hundreds of videos it will impact you. I always think of two questions when I hear someone has died. 1. Did they know Jesus? 2. Did they have adequate life insurance? Thank you in advance for helping me raise awareness this month.


Ok its time for my yearly question. “Why are you getting a refund?” For most it is because your w-4 is filled out incorrectly. I know this meme is tongue-in-cheek, but this is how it normally goes in no particular order. 1. Pay off some debt 2. Buy some school clothes 3. Buy some tires 4. Take a small vacation 5. The rest vanishes

Wouldn’t you agree that getting a pay raise and not giving the government an interest fee loan is the most beneficial choice? 2020 is a great time to finally get control over your finances.

The average refund in the US is $2,893.00. That is equivalent to $241 per month pay raise.

If I have had the honor of helping you not be like this meme then please pass my information onto to someone who is excited to file their taxes for all the wrong reasons.


Ran into one of these a few weeks ago. The client truly thought that this was a legitimate retirement plan. Luckily she was in her 30 day free look option and we were able remedy her account without penalty.

Cash Value agents despise educated clients as it gets into their commissions. Same old lady in a new dress.


I am going to give this a trial run with my kids. We try to teach the value of a dollar, but for some reason some of our kids are better at it than others. I know it may have to do with age, but my son will spend it as fast as he can get it. If he has money its being spent at Walmart, etc. My eldest daughter is a pack rat when it comes to money. She will save everything she makes and then want to give it all away to someone in need. She is so generous and selfless, almost to a fault. We talk to both the same way, but God wired both differently.

Sure wish kids came with owners manuals sometimes. What have y’all done or do with your kids?


In my years of dealing with various types of clients I have heard all of these. Have even rationalized a few of them myself to excuse behavior. We all are prone to these types of actions, some just excercise more restraint than others.

The take away for me is what areas are you getting ahead in?

Habits are a funny thing. Most people when they hear the word habit have a negative connotation associated with it. (i.e. “I just can’t kick this habit.”)

However there are many habits that are positive. For example: Developing a habit of saving, of having a strong work ethic, being a person of your word, of kindness, of excellence, of excexcise, of tithing, etc.

These financial myths can be replaced with truths, but truths alone will not bring change. Change is tough, painful, and easy to put off. Small decisions day after day after day bring about change and bring about habits that become a way of life.


As I am sitting here in jury duty I wonder how many people in the room are choked by car payments? I have seen $1,100 car payments and thought “your pickup cost more than my first house!” I will be the first to say I don’t like to drive a beater, but there are plenty of used cars that look nice for a great price. Get out of the debt cycle, cash is KING!


With the largest ethnic group in the U.S. these numbers are staggering. I would like to highlight that my office will work with Hispanics that do not have a social security number or a Drivers License. We have the ability to set up retirement accounts, life insurance, etc with a Matricula and EIN number. So many hispanics I speak with feel they have no where to go because they lack a social security number. We all come into contact with people of the Hispanic culture on a daily basis. I would be honored if you helped me get this message out there.


This hits close to home for me. Nothing bad happens around the holidays right? One of my clients lost her husband on Thanksgiving. It was an honor to deliver her a check before Christmas that will put her in a position of strength vs. weakness. Grieving is hard enough without adding the pressure of replacing an income. Here are some numbers for you to think about when you are looking at your own coverage.

Assuming a 3% interest rate:

100,000 is $1,000 per month for 15 years

200,000 is $2,000 per month for 15 years

300,000 is $3,000 per month for 15 years and so on.

The average family needs $200,000 to cover debt, mortgage, and funeral cost. Then they need at least $2,000 per month if they have children to continue to work full time or part time to get the youngest out of the house. So most Americans need around $500,000 of coverage. Which ironically the cost to cover the husband and wife with $500,000 combined is usually less that what they send to the cable company or their cell phone company every month.

According to National Vital Statistics Reports for 2016 if you are between 25-44 years old. 12% chance to die from Heart Disease, 14% chance to die from Cancer, 20% chance Other causes (other illnesses, suicide, etc), 26% chance from Unintentional Injuries (accidents, Acts of God, etc)

Put those percentages above in different scenarios. Lets say I have paid an all expense vacation for you and your family to Hawaii. The only catch is there is a 20% the plane will crash in the ocean. Would you go? How about a 10% chance or 2%. The actual odds are 1 in 11 million your plane crashes with a 95.7 percent survival rate.

This isn’t an emotional decision or a “lets see how much money is left at the end of the month” decision. You owe it to your family.


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